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HR Solution

Entrepreneurship can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to finding and nurturing the right talent to build an efficient team that is capable of taking up challenges at work and excelling each time by delivering the best results.

Realtime Tracking

Simplify the process of achieving the organizational goal and help focus on issues that really matter.

Shift & Week-Offs

It can prevent payroll errors & ensure accurate pay for your staff. Employee attendance is tracked in real-time, with data automatically being sent to a central system.

Employee Perspective

Helps employees do their best work each day in order to achieve the larger goals of the organization.

Attendance Rules

Attendance Management keeps track of your employee hours. We provide HR related software for attendance and salary process.


The core function of human resource management is development training efforts to improve personal, group, or organizational effectiveness.

Overtime Calculation

The software understands your overtime rules and allows you to configure different overtime rules for different groups of employees.

Resource Management

Managing resources is always a challenging task, but not anymore. With our HR solutions at Vimkes, you can handle other significant tasks, while our diligent HR professionals will do the resource management for your organization. Right from maintaining the attendance record, to the time sheet, our HR professionals are experts in working on the best of HR CRMs, helping you get the optimum benefits.



Hire the best of the talent pool for your company and build a strong team of professionals that can handle the business operations at different levels really well, bringing in better business opportunities. A good team is capable of taking the business to higher levels of growth and success. We help you find the apt candidates that suit your resource requirement in the best possible way. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Recusandae magnam dolor, placeat eius maiores repellat molestias non ipsa labore repudiandae neque odit magni libero enim dicta, earum, aut adipisci et?


Consulting Services

We help your business grow and scale by providing the required consulting services. Our HR Consulting Services at Vimkes, ensure extensive assistance in drafting the compliances, policies, and procedures for your organization, that are behest to the company’s benefits and growth. We help you revise, amend and implement your existing policies for the optimum results.

Completing an HR Project is a good fit for your organization if your business is suffering from specific HR pain-points, but is not ready or able to pursue HR Outsourcing. Check out the list below to see the wide range of HR consulting project services we offer.

Experienced Pay Per Click Company Around

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Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing helps you create an impact on the target audience with the help of a popular influencer that has a huge loyal fanbase. This not only promotes your product online and improves the coverage, but at the same time, it also helps in building a better image of your product by enhancing its credibility, when it is promoted by a known influencer.


Affliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing helps you get more attention from the potential customers, by promoting your products on different social platforms, apart from your own company’s. These social media platforms, promote your products to their followers, helping you get extra coverage apart from your own followers. We help you connect and tie up with the best affiliate marketers to optimize your product marketing.


Blast Marketing

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