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Direct salary Payment

Direct salaries and wages are the monetary compensation that employers pay their workers. An employee receives this pay for helping the company generate revenue. We provide Online software for salary process.

Inbuilt Compliance

HR Compliance is the commitment of the business to follow the working standards set out by employment law. ... Also, it implies that the employees must receive all entitlements in their employment contract.

Leave Management

Leave management, also called time-off management, is the set of processes that controls the application, approval and tracking of employee leave in an organization. We provide leave management system.

Biometric Attendance

Biometric terminals use advanced technology to scan fingerprints. With a biometric attendance system, employee attendance is accurately logged. You can prevent time theft and attendance abusent.

Employee Lifecycle

The employee life cycle is the different stages an employee goes through during their time at an organization. The role HR has during this process is very important. We provide Employee Lifecycle consoltacy

Powerful Integration

Vimkes Software is an award-winning payroll solution designed to handle the most complex payroll structure. This payroll management software can help calculate salaries, employee benefits, bonuses, loans, and taxes too.

Vimkes Payroll Services


PaySlips & Reports

he Payroll Details report shows all payroll activity for employees, including prior payroll history entries, payroll updates, and paychecks processed in Patriot Software.

Leave and Expense management

A leave management system is a process by which employees apply for leaves; managers approve them and leave balances are tracked. Initially, most companies opt for a manual process that involves a lot of busywork for the HR department.